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 "We don’t follow market research, forecasts, or trends…we create them!" - Blackfly's Sunglasses

Black Flys offers sunglasses in different styles and designs such as Black Flys Polarized sunglasses, Black Flys women's line "Fly Girls" sunglasses. 

Black Flys sunglasses for men and women have been pioneering the sunglass market backed by world class athletes, musicians, rock stars, and players worldwide.

With offices around the globe and their headquarters in Southern California, Black Flys sunglasses continues their global dominance. Always ready to deliver cutting edge design and fashion forward styles. Now under new ownership, Black Flys continues to strive in the eyewear industry, we don't follow market research, forecasts or trends.

"In a world gone green, we’re staying black!"
-Blackfly's Glasses