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Green Soap - 3.8L (1 Gallon) -

Green Soap - 3.8L (1 Gallon)

  • $2000

1 Gallon of Green Soap - Skin Prep for Tattoos & Piercings

Green Soap is a traditional skin preperation soap for both tattoos and piercings. Green Soap is made from pure vegetable oils and glycerine.  The soap is not green in color; however it is considered "green" because it is organic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.  Green Soap is often used by artists to prep skin, remove soil, blood, and ink, and as a soak for surgical instruments.

Please Note: This product can ONLY ship Ground in the United States and Canada.  It cannot be shipped to any address outside of the United States or Canada (i.e. Internationally, exception Ground to Canada) and it cannot be shipped by air within the United States. If you need the rest of your order Express/Air in the US, check out separately for the gallon or give us a call to pay the additional shipping. 


  • 1 Gallon Green Soap
  • Skin Prep for Tattoos & Piercings
  • Soak for Surgical Instruments
  • Organic, Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Can only ship within the United States. Cannot ship this item internationally.

Directions for Use (Skin Prep):

  1. Mix 10% Green Soap with 90% Distilled Water 
  2. Apply to Skin
Directions for Use (Soak for Surgical Instruments):
  1. Mix 1 cup of Green Soap and 1 quart of distilled water
  2. Soak Instruments


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