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14g Needle Sleeves - Change our Regular Piercing Needles into Cathether Style Needles - 100 Sleeves - 1.6mm ~ 14g Sleeves

SKU MED-020-Cathether-slvs-881964713

Catheter Sleeves for 14g Needles - Price Per Bag of 100

Transform our regular piercing needles into cannula (catheter) style needles with these 16g and 14g needle sleeves. The sleeves work best on our 16g, 14g, and 13g piercing needles. Price is per bag of 100 sleeves only.


  • Quantity: 100 sleeves
  • Size Options: 14g sleeves
  • Material: Flexible plastic
  • 16g Size Information: 1.2mm inner diameter, 40mm long
  • 14g Size Information: 1.6mm inner diameter, 40mm long
  • Manufacturer: Painful Pleasures