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High End Design - The Main tool any tattoo artist uses, should reflect their quality standards. The Hawk Pen provides you, the artist, with a machine that offers more freedom to express your skills and your artist fantasy.

Can be combined with all Cheyenne Safety Cartridges

Less Vibration - The Hawk Pen is much quieter and vibrates less than conventional tattoo devices.

Delivers in approx 7-10 days. 

Infinite Needle Protrusion - By rotating the grips, you can infinitely set and alter your optimum needle protrusion. The correct needle setting must be taken into account depending on the application and the skin type in order to achieve prefect results.

Available in: Black, Silver, (Purple, Orange or Red are available upon special request; please allow extra time for delivery). 


1 - Hawk Pen

1 - Hawk Pen 1" Grip

1 - Hawk Pen Tray

1 - Device Connection Cable

1 - Adapter Cable

1 - Starter kits of Original Safety Cartridges

1 - Manual