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DERMALCare - Bulk (Case of 24)

  • $36000

Pricing Breakdown: (Case of 24 Tubes)

Retail Price per Tube is $20.00 average.

1 Case: $360 per case. (Cost per Bottle is $15 per) profit = $5.00 per 

3 Cases: $312 per case (Cost per Bottle is $13 per) profit = $7.00 per

5 Cases: $276 per case (Cost per Bottle is $11.50 per) profit = $8.50 per

10 Cases: $240.00 per case (Cost per Bottle is $10.00 per) profit = $10.00 per

DERMALCare - Professional Tattoo Repair

DERMALCare is the proper way to Heal and Maintain the Tattoo you just created.

Using a Derm film has been proven to help heal, retain colour and keep your new tattoo from getting infected.

With DERMALCare inplace, you can do your everyday activities without worry, without the need to apply aftercare ointments which (if your hands are not completely  clean) can cause infection. The rubbing alone causes irritation. 

Duration of use:

This works for me, I actually had the best healing result I have every had and I will repeat the healing process I used thanks to Tattoo Artist Saga Anderson for the healing tip when he Tattooed my arm.

Day 1: Keep the DERMALCare in place for the first 24hrs. When the time is up, remove the bandage and give it a good cleaning. All that junk (A Mix of blood and plasma has got to go). Clean it, Dry it; Apply it again.

Day 2-8: Keep the next bandage for the next FULL 7 days. You heard me, 7 days.

the first few days you'll see bubbles of clear liquid. For those who don't know, that's Plasma, your body's natural healer. We normally do see Plasma working because it's usually under a scab. With DERMALCare, Plasma is acting as it normally does, healing the skin naturally; thinking the film is the upper crust exterior of the scab. (It doesn't know any different.

The beauty is with the DERMALCare, there is no scabbing at all. Contrary to popular belief, the scab actually removes pigment from your skin, drawing out new tattoo ink in the process. (Just look at a fresh cut, the new skin is usually a different pigment from the surrounding skin. Same goes for a fresh Tattoo. It is a wound and should be treated as such.

Directions: Using DERMALCare on a new Tattoo.

1. Clean and Dry the new Tattoo, making sure to wipe away any excess Ink, Glides or Bleeding.

2. Fold along the blue indicator strip.

3. Peel Off The Edge Strip and adhere to the skin (approx 2" away from the Tattoo) starting approx 2" from the bottom of the Tattoo and work your way up the Tattoo. Giving each layer an approx. 1" overlap (for larger pieces).

4. Apply pressure to the strip to get it to adhere to the sides before removing the rest of the backing.

5. Remove the backing from the rest of the DERMALCare and adhere to the skin with some slight pressure. you want the adhesive barrier to be tight to the skin with no bubbles.

Do NOT put any product / ointment under the DERMALCare, as slight bleeding and plasma will keep the bandage from sticking to the Tattooed Skin.

Peel off the upper film from the center of the bandage before applying the next layer. 

The Bandage breaths, so not to worry, even over the layered areas the skin will still breath through the DERMALCare but it will not leak through when properly applied.

DERMALCare can be cut to any size required for the Tattoo.