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Precision Thermal Paper - 8 1/2" x 11" - 100 Sheets Per Box

  • $4000

Thermal Image Tattoo Copier Paper by Precision - 8-1/2" x 11" - 100 Sheets/Box

Thermal Copier Paper allows you to take your image and reproduce it in order to easily use it to tattoo with or without a thermal copier machine.  This listing is for one box containing 100 Sheets of 8-1/2" x 11" Thermal Copier Paper.


Thermal copier paper has four layers:

  • Top layer: White Sheet. This is the layer that your image will be transfered onto.
  • Second Layer: Interleaving Tissue, White Sheet.  This layer is not bound and is a milky white. Typically this layer is thrown away.
  • Third Layer: Purple Layer, Polyester Carbon Sheet. By pressing on this layer the purple/blue coating is transfered to the upper sheet.
  • Fourth Layer - Backing Layer, Yellow Sheet. This layer holds the original image in place when using a stencil copy machine.

Directions for Use:

The following steps describe how to prepare the 4-layers for use with or without a thermal copier machine.

  1. The image will be transferred from the underside of the top layer, or white sheet.  Feed the paper through the thermal machine with this side up.  If you do not have a thermal machine, draw on this side by pressing down to manually transfer the purple to the underside of the top white layer using a ball point pen or hard stylus.

  2. The second layer, or thin white sheet (aka Interleaving Tissue), is loose and is meant to protect the purple coated layer during shipping and storage.  Most users throw this layer away. Note: You can leave it in and create the stencil on this thinner paper.  It may be easier to apply on curved surfaces.

  3. The third layer, or purple layer, is made of crystalline violet and caruba wax and has the “carbon” on the up-side.  It is non-toxic and is safe for the skin.  When pressing on the purple layer or using the thermal copier machine, the purple coating is transferred to the back of the Top Layer, or White Sheet; which when applied comes out right-side up.

  4. The fourth layer, or Backing layer, holds the original artwork in place when using a thermal copier.  The artwork should be face up when putting together the sheet for stencil transfer.

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