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XRR Combo (POWER SUPPLY w/ CXP19 Wireless Pedal)

Item #: POW-XRR-CXP19 W/Cord
XRR Combo (POWER SUPPLY w/ CXP19 Wireless Pedal)



• Full color TFT display with user selectable color themes and large easy to read fonts

• Wireless foot pedal included

• Carefully tuned capacitive-touch user interface

• Mount design for more mounting flexibility

• Jump start feature and maintained pedal modes now independently assignable to preset/output buttons

• Session meter based on user set hourly rate: session mode, run time mode, or hybrid mode (new "Hybrid" billing mode automates user input)

• Pedal override button: No need for a foot pedal

• Time of day

• Dual Independent Outputs

• Easily bagged with typical machine or bottle baggies

      • Additional mounting options available


      • Billet aluminum CNC machined housing

      • Genuine high quality Amphenol 1/4" jacks for better power delivery and long life

       6 amp peak inrush current, 3 amp true RMS continuous current

      • Precision regulated set point voltage 0-17v

      • Built in short circuit protection

      • .1 volt adjustment resolution

      • Voltage presets with 2, 4, or 6 machine memory modes

      • Non-volatile memory

      • Universal input 90-240vac 50/60hz

      • Accepts standard 1/4" clip cord and foot pedal connections

      • Volts, Amps, Speed (hz), Duty Cycle(%), and STL

      • 2 year full manufacturer warranty

      • Included: XRR power supply, CXP19 Wireless Footswitch, Magnet mount, US power cord and switching power adapter

      • Made in the USA