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Paying the rent / bills for your shop some days seems like a daunting task. 

Maybe there wasn't enough pain inflicted that month?, or the bills just seem to keep growing; maybe you just want to keep your hard earn Ink Money to yourself? afterall, it is your money; but it seems you're dumping it all back into the business instead.

Normally this is the way, the old way!

Today's Tattoo Shops are no longer dark, dingy and uninviting. the industry has changed, the shops have changed ..... but has the artist?

Most Tattoo Artists and Shop owners have a resounding common thought, they produce art, and would rather not have the additional headaches of running a retail store. Its a nice though, being left to do what you love to do....but sometimes you need some extra sales to pay the rent. 

The exclusive clientele that you have sitting in your chair for hours on end is what we in the retail world call a "Captive Audience", focused on the items around you and your opinion of them while unable to move.....or else!

Every wall around you is either making you additional money with retail product that your "Captive Audience" is admiring, or if there is nothing available to purchase, your empty walls have just lost you additional revenue; essentially costing you money. 

Ex. You just tattoo a wicked sleeve on a client, which he has just trusted you with 25 hours of his life, his body and his money. Your client has just asked you a standard question: "What should I use to care for my tattoo while it heals?"

I know some will say "nothing, as you personally don't believe in aftercare cream" and that's ok, but let's say you believe in a cream, and let's say that cream is an over the counter ointment like AFTER INKED or H2 Ocean or TATTOO GOO. Why should you not get paid to offer your suggestion to your client? 

This principle is the same with every product your shop makes available to your clients, everything they see, can touch, wants to buy  should all be from you, and you can get paid with each clients purchases.  

Would you rather pay the bills? or actually start to turn your shop into a mega selling machine where now you can afford to sit back and do what you love to do, your art, without worrying about stretching your Ink Money to cover costs.

We can show you how to make your shop make money for you verses you making all the money your shop needs. 

Contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

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