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Intenze Ultimate Tattoo Artist Ink Set

Intenze Ultimate Tattoo Artist Ink Set

Product Description


Always be prepared with the INTENZE Ultimate Tattoo Artist Ink Set. With this set, the only thing you need to bring is your talent and creativity because we here at INTENZE have done the rest for you.

In this set, you have all of the primary INTENZE tattoo ink colors from the 101 Color Set as well as our signature Cleanze Concentrate, Special Shading Solution, and Color Mixing Solution, a kit to help reduce redness and cool the skin during and after tattooing.

The set also includes our specialty black inks such as our famous Zuper Black, Suluape Black, and Formula 23 Precision Lining ink (original only), our grey wash sets including the Grey Wash ink set, Japaneze Sumi set, Bob Tyrrell set, and Mark Mahoney set, our Earth Tones and Dragon colors, our Color Lining Series, our artist series including the Mike Demasi Color Portrait set, Boris Color Pigment series, Bowery Traditional Ink set, and the premium Mario Barth Gold Label set.

Our artist series inks each focus on one particular strength from the artist we collaborated with. You have Bowery Stan Moskowitz and his Traditional Ink set for traditional style tattoos, Mike Demasi and his Color Portrait set, and Boris Color Pigment series made specifically for vibrant fantasy pieces.

Bob Tyrrell's Black & Grey set is perfect for black & grey style pieces, while Mark Mahoney's Gangster Grey set features a different, more traditional consistency and balance in palette for more traditional black and grey.


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    INTENZE Ultimate Tattoo Artist Ink Set

    IMPORANT: All Artist Color Series are now only available from INTENZE TATTOO INK in 1oz sets. (2oz and 4oz) are no longer made. To keep up...

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