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#TattooArtistThursday Interview with Realism Artist Arlo DiCristina

#TattooArtistThursday Interview with Realism Artist Arlo DiCristina

It amazes me, the talent we keep coming across here @PrimalAttitude

We found Arlo DiCristina, a few months back on IG and haven't looked back. Arlo's #Realism #Tattoo Style is beyond impressive. Honestly just stunning, and to imagine he's only 24. 

Hope you enjoy his Art as much as we do.


Tattoo Artist: Arlo DiCristina

City: Grand Junction, CO USA

IG: @ArloTattoos



Q: Tell us about yourself: Your Age?, Where you're from? Where you Tattoo?

A: My name is Arlo DiCristina and  I am 24 years old. I tattoo in Grand Junction, Colorado at The Raw Canvas Tattoo Studio.



Q: Who was your greatest influence in the art scene that made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?
Who do you look up to within the Industry? Do you have mentors that make you strive to be better?

A: Prior to entering the tattoo industry I didn't really know any artists but once I started getting more involved with conventions and getting on Instagram I was blown away by the amount of amazing Artists there are out there. I am always being inspired by new Artists but, at the moment Tony Mancia and Carlos Torres are my biggest inspirations.



Q: Please explain to our fans what your specific style is?

A: Right now I'm mainly focusing on face morphs, I feel that a face can portray so much emotion and every individual can put a story or feeling behind it. Especially when you add another element. I strive to always come up with something new and original. I can't really say whether I stand out or not but if I do that's probably a reason why :).

I would classify my style as surrealism.



Q: Please tell us about the first Tattoo Memory you have. That moment that sparked it all.

A: Well, it was the first shop i ever went in to. I was looking for an apprenticeship and they told me I could stay and hangout for the day with them. The moment that sparked it all was when i realized that you could make a career out of it. I had no idea, lol.  It was never a future job option in school.



Q: Are you a traveling Artist? Do you attend Conventions or Guest Spots across or in other countries?

A: Yes, I love to travel and have done guest spots in London and Finland; but I am definitely planning on doing more stuff out of the country.

(Hopefully you come to Canada Brother) ;) ;)



Q: How do you feel about today's Tattoo Conventions?

A: I love them! I think its an amazing thing bringing Artists and Collectors together. They are such an amazing time!



Q: The Evil Question: Coil or Rotary ... Which are you loyal to?

A: LOL, rotary for sure. I'm not much of a mechanic, I can just draw. I like something that I can just pick up and use and with long sessions. I find the weight of the rotary to be much more practical, but that's all just my opinion. The guys at my shop would say otherwise.



Q: What inspires your specific style of art?

A: Trying to create something new.



Q: Any upcoming projects that our fans should keep an eye out for?

A: There is always fun pieces in the works :)



Q: What advice do you have for someone that wants to follow in your path? What is your advice to new artists on the brink of entering into this career?

A: It's a lot of hard work and practice. Definitely not something that comes quick. I still feel like I am not even close to mastering the craft. All you can do is to keep trying. Don't tattoo pieces just for the money, do ones that you are passionate about even if you have to cut deals or do them for free. You will grow a lot quicker that way. Also don't let people discourage you or bring you down,  you will run into a lot of them right away. 



Q: We always like to ask the harder questions, dig a little deeper then everyone else. Can you tell us 3 things that most people wouldn't know about you?

A: I wrestled all through high school taking second senior year, and the only reason I would have went to college was to wrestle - I love 90s Alternative Music - I was a pro MMA fighter



Q: Weeding out all of the social influences, as we're bombarded every day with thousands of Tattoo images; is there any up and comers that you've got your eye on? Who are they and what is it that's tweaked you about their style?

A: that's a tough question, as I think there is so many!



Q: Out of the thousands of Tattoo's you've done, is there one that you can specifically say is your best? A piece that just puts that smile on your face? Can you share it with us?

A: I would have to say my Joker / Gotham city face morph. It seems everyone else enjoyed that one the most and I can't but help to have a good feeling about it. 



Q: Everyone has a saying, a mantra; mine is "It is what it is".
What is the quote you live by?

A: "Reality is merely an illusion" it's the first tattoo I got when I was 18 haha. It's an Albert Einstein quote. Basically what it means to me is: life is what you make it.


It's been honestly our pleasure to interview you Brother. Thank you for taking the time to be with us here on this #TattooInterviewThursday feature. We wish you success and hopefully get to see you on the road or at a convention shortly. Play safe. 



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