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It's #TattooArtistThursday Time!! Ft. #PrimalArtist Chad Jacob

Out of Hamilton Ontario Canada comes #PrimalFamily #TattooArtist
Chad Jacob. His style of Color Realism is becoming more and more impressive and we just love watching him grow as an artist. If you're in the Hamilton area, check him out.



Q: Tell us about yourself: Your Age?, Where you're from? Where you Tattoo?
A: 32. Born in Hamilton. Owner of the Hamilton Tattoo Parlour, Hamilton Ontario Canada.



Q: Who was your greatest influence in the art scene that made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?
Who do you look up to within the Industry? Do you have mentors that make you strive to be better?

A: Started out as a street artist. Admired CanTwo and Daim.
I became interested in tattooing by an old friend of mine who later influenced me to try
my hand at it myself. I then started looking up to portrait artists such as Mike DeVries
and Josh Carlton. Currently in the industry, I look up to Paul Acker, Luka Lajoie and Nikko Hurtado.



Q: Please explain to our fans what your specific style is?
You have such a unique style in the Tattoo industry, how would you describe it?
What makes it stand out?

A: Heavy saturated color portraits. Although, I do still enjoy jumping into black and grey
from time to time for certain realism pieces.



Q: Please tell us about the first Tattoo Memory you have. That moment that sparked it all.

A: Witnessing the tattoo process through my old friend growing up.
The whole process intrigued me. The fact that he could replicate his artwork on others
amazed me as I was a fan of his work on paper before it ever had the chance to hit skin.



Q: Are you a traveling Artist? Do you attend Conventions or Guest Spots across or in other countries?
A: Currently working on traveling internationally within the next year.
As of now, just within Canada.



Q: How do you feel about today's Tattoo Conventions?

A: Great exposure and way to network with like minded people in the industry.



Q: The Evil Question: Coil or Rotary ... Which are you loyal to?

A: Rotary. Eikon's Symbeos is so diverse. I am currently hooked on Cheyenne's Hawk Pen though.
Two best machines I've ever come across in my career.



Q: What inspires your specific style of art?

A: The challenge to reproduce a photo-realistic image or design and immortalize it as a tattoo forever.



Q: Any upcoming projects that our fans should keep an eye out for?

A: Looking forward to doing a Leo DiCaprio portrait from Django Unchained.



Q: What advice do you have for someone that wants to follow in your path? What is your advice to new artists on the brink of entering into this career?

A: Never become comfortable. Never settle on where you are at. Always push personal limits to progress yourself.
Study those who have paved a path before you and learn from their experiences to adapt those instances into your own.



Q: We always like to ask the harder questions, dig a little deeper then everyone else. Can you tell us 3 things that most people wouldn't know about you?

A: I am obsessed with basketball and the NBA.
I've seen almost every UFC televised event and I've cut a lot out of my diet due to digestive issues.



Q: Weeding out all of the social influences, as we're bombarded every day with thousands of Tattoo images; is there any up and comers that you've got your eye on? Who are they and what is it that's tweaked you about their style?

A: Arlo DiCristina. Seemingly came out of nowhere with amazing consistency.
Super smooth blending with amazing compositions to all his pieces. Definitely something I've been working on personally as of late.



Q: Out of the thousands of Tattoo's you've done, is there one that you can specifically say is your best? A piece that just puts that smile on your face? Can you share it with us?

A: Not that it's my personal favorite but it's definitely the most known tattoo I've done.
The monsters inc piece I did as a large cover up.



Thank you so much Chad for taking the time out of your day to have this Interview with us. We'll see you soon. It's been our pleasure having you in the family.

Our last Question:

Q: Everyone has a saying, a mantra; mine is "It is what it is".
What is the quote you live by?

A: Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

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