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#TattooArtistThursday Ft Interview with Chiwon An

For today's #TattooArtistThursday Ft here at we talk with Tattoo Artist Chiwon An out of Calgary Alberta Canada.

Chiwon An recently became a part of our #PrimalFamily and we couldn't be happier.

Hope you enjoy the interview, and getting to know our family member a little more.

First Name: Chiwon
Last Name: An
Email Address:

Q: Tell us about yourself Chiwon, Your Age?, Where you're from? Where you Tattoo?

A: I was Born in 1984, Originally from South Korea. I am tattooing in Calgary AB Canada




Q: Who was your greatest influence in the art scene that made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?

Who do you look up to within the Industry? Do you have mentors that make you strive to be better?

A: There are so many people that influence me, Definitely Khan, Nick Chaboya, Shige, Jeff Gogue and more. They are always making me try harder, and work harder for sure.


Q: Please explain to our fans what your specific style is? You have such a unique style in the Tattoo industry, how would you describe it?

    What makes it stand out?

A: I really like a mixed style between realistic and Japanese. I try to find my own style. Personally, I like doing a somewhat realistic portrait with Japanese style.



Q: Please tell us about the first Tattoo Memory you have. That moment that sparked it all.

A: It was just too difficult for me. I did not know how to tattoo. I was practice on my skin, and I moved skin instead of moving the machine. I was just nervous I guess, after few times of tattooing myself and some friends, I got better. but tattooing is always difficult. but really enjoy it



Q: Are you a traveling Artist? Do you attend Conventions or Guest Spots across or in other countries?

A: I do conventions across Canada, I am planning to attend conventions in other countries as well. I am doing guest spots for sure, mainly my friends shops.



Q: How do you feel about today's Tattoo Conventions?

A: It is good for sure. Meeting new friends, show off tattoos. but a lot of people wants to do a competitions. I think we cannot compare art between people. Maybe people have different style or skills. as long as it is solid tattoo, that should speak for itself.



Q: The Evil Question: Coil or Rotary ... Which are you loyal to?

A:  I am not loyal to either. I started with coil, and now I am using rotary machine; but I still sometimes use coil machines. I think different machines have different purposes and I enjoy using both.



Q: What inspires your specific style of art?

A: Anything can be inspiring. I hear different Ideas from different people. I love doing gore stuff, so I look at gore, zombie pictures or movies. Also I like nature, going on a trip and take some pictures, or remember something. Inspiration comes suddenly some times out of nowhere.




Q: Any upcoming projects that our fans should keep an eye out for?

A: Trying to do more zombie portraits, landscapes; anything really realistic or painterly. And of course mixed style art between realistic, and Japanese.



Q: What advice do you have for someone that wants to follow in your path? What is your advice to new artists on the brink of entering into this career?

A: Tattooing is all about passion. If you have a strong passion, That is all it matters!!



Q: We always like to ask the harder questions, dig a little deeper then everyone else. Can you tell us 3 things that most people wouldn't know about you?

A:  I don't know what people don't know about me. ha-ha

1. People don't know I have a full body suit tattoo

2  People don't know I am not good with technology at all!!

3. And that I am a new Dad!!

 ....... Congrats on #3 there Chiwon!



Q: Weeding out all of the social influences, as we're bombarded every day with thousands of Tattoo images; is there any up and comers that you've got your eye on? Who are they and what is it that's tweaked you about their style?

A:  These days, I am trying not to look at other peoples work. Because the more I look at those, I feel like I lose my freedom of art. Because sometime people look at stuff, and trying to mimic someones work. When I am not looking at other people, I can actually focus on my own creation and my own inspiration from inside.



Q: Out of the thousands of Tattoo's you've done, is there one that you can specifically say is your best? A piece that just puts that smile on your face? Can you share it with us?

A:  Sometimes I like doing small stuff like this picture. because I usually do bigger projects, and it can be stressful. I did this on my good client just for fun, and turned out nicely. We had fun with it. why a cherry? just because it is pretty!


Thank you so much for having this interview for us. It's honestly our pleasure to work with you and watch your growth in the future. Hopefully we can see each other again soon, Safe Travels until then.

Our last Question: Everyone has a saying, a mantra; mine is "It is what it is". What is the quote you live by? 

A: "Everything is depending on how you think. It will happen if you think it will definitely happen, and go for it without a hesitation". - Chiwon An


FITUTATAU - June 18, 2015

The man brother! Keep doing what you do best ?

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