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#TattooArtistThursday Interview with our #PrimalArtist Don Taylor

It's been about a year now since I first broke bread with Don Taylor, literally; broke bread. We were in Boston at the Boston Tattoo Convention where the restaurant closed in the hotel prior to anyone who worked late at the show was able to grab a late night bite. I hear a voice behind me say, no worries brother; we ordered Chinese ... you have to join us. And so began a friendship that Iknow will last forever, as it was based on food.

........ funny enough, if you know Don, all his stories begin with "so we were grabbin' a bite to eat when .....".

On a serious note, Don Taylor is one Badass Tattoo Artist, with his twist on New School and Script that we just love.


Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Name: Don Taylor

City: Columbus, OH


IG: @molassesjones


Q: Tell us about yourself: Your Age?, Where you're from? Where you Tattoo?

A: I'm 30 years old, from South Carolina. I currently work at Riot Ink in Columbus, Ohio.



Q: Who was your greatest influence in the art scene that made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?
Who do you look up to within the Industry? Do you have mentors that make you strive to be better?

A: Every one of my friends in the industry, in some way or another, makes me strive to be a better artist. The best part of this job is being able to discuss and collaborate with other artists so that everyone benefits. Artists like Tony Ciavarro, Timmy B, and Dave Tevenal are all artists who I look up to in both the quality of their work, and their approach to this industry. 



Q: Please explain to our fans what your specific style is?
You have such a unique style in the Tattoo industry, how would you describe it?
What makes it stand out?

A: I suppose my style would be considered New School or Illustrative. However, I also love to do color Realism and lettering tattoos as well. 



Q: Please tell us about the first Tattoo Memory you have. That moment that sparked it all.

A: The day that I got my first tattoo, I went in with a friend of mine to a shop in Augusta, GA. It was a respected and well recommended shop, and they didn't disappoint. It was such a good experience, and I was so impressed with what could be done with tattoos, that I instantly knew that I wanted to learn to tattoo.




Q: Are you a traveling Artist? Do you attend Conventions or Guest Spots across or in other countries?

A: I am a traveling artist, based out of Columbus, Ohio. I attend conventions and do guest spots across the United States as well as Internationally.



Q: How do you feel about today's Tattoo Conventions?

A: For the most part, they are an excellent way for artists to get their work out there, as well as interact with others in the industry from around the world. It gives you a better outlook on things, and what you need to do to get to the next level.



Q: The Evil Question: Coil or Rotary ... Which are you loyal to?

A: I'm a double agent... I use coils for almost all of my line work, and a Cheyenne for just about everything else. Why can't we all just get along? lol



Q: What inspires your specific style of art?

A: I'm a goofball and a nerd... 


Q: Any upcoming projects that our fans should keep an eye out for?

A: I like to try different mediums and styles, so there's no telling what Ill be doing next...


Q: What advice do you have for someone that wants to follow in your path? What is your advice to new artists on the brink of entering into this career?

A: If you think you're busting your ass, you're not working hard enough. This isn't a 9 to 5... you have to love it, or it will eat you alive.



Q: We always like to ask the harder questions, dig a little deeper then everyone else. Can you tell us 3 things that most people wouldn't know about you?

A: 1. I was a United States Marine. 2. I have a borderline phobia of ants. 3. I love food and eat like I'm going to the electric chair. (but I'm tall and lanky)




Q: Weeding out all of the social influences, as we're bombarded every day with thousands of Tattoo images; is there any up and comers that you've got your eye on? Who are they and what is it that's tweaked you about their style?

A: Since I have only been tattooing for 5 years, its hard for me to call someone an up and comer. However, I have noticed a lot of guys/girls in their apprenticeships that are already killing it. As more and more "traditional artists" are attracted to the world of tattooing, the bar continues to get raised... which is good for everyone.



Q: Out of the thousands of Tattoo's you've done, is there one that you can specifically say is your best? A piece that just puts that smile on your face? Can you share it with us?

A: This one... 




A BIG Thanks to Don Taylor for taking the time out of your schedule to entertain us. We hope to see you on the road again soon Brother. In the meantime, safe travels.


Q: Everyone has a saying, a mantra; mine is "It is what it is".
What is the quote you live by?

A: "When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water."



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