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The Walking Dead Get Lego'd


Could The Walking Dead and Lego get any cooler?



“The Walking Dead” already has gangbuster ratings, but could they get even bigger if the show was made with Legos instead of regular actors? (Despite its wooden acting, the current cast is actually human.)

Now we can see what a grab for a wider audience — children! — would look like with this new trailer for Season 5 of the AMC hit, which replicates the regular trailer shot for shot, using the same soundtrack.

Dig how “Lego Rick” has more facial expressions than Andrew Lincoln’s Rick, “Lego Carl” is kinda cute in a storm-trooper kind of way, and “Lego Michonne” looks like she has a towel wrapped around her head.

But the best part is that in “The Walking Lego,” it’s very hard to tell the living from the walkers — a thin line that’s the show’s point.

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