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There's Some Truth Behind This

There's Some Truth Behind This

Over 27 Years Ago, in a time long forgotten by most; I was blessed to be sitting in this place where a friend of mine showed up with this new Tattoo...... we were all  awestruck by it and immediately; I knew I was next. 
Within the weekend I had found what I wanted, asked the friend who the Artist was and off I went. Back then, Tattoos were of course around, but not like today.
If you had them you hid them, unless you really wanted them seen. I often joke about how the VAN'S WARP TOUR Tattoos are completely the reverse of the Tattoos we got back then. Then we wouldn't go past what our clothing could cover, no hands, no faces .... necks we're really pushing it; but even so it would be something that just crept the neck line of your tee and could be covered by your collar.  Now, people are starting with the most obvious spots; meant to be seen. My how in such a short time, times have changed. 
How far in time do you think it will be before this happens? Let me know in your comments. When (Age/Year) did you first get Tattooed? Did you have to hide it??
....... Did your parents know? 
Thanks for the submission Mark, it was a good giggle. 
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