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Infernal Threads is for those who can appreciate the beauty in darkness. My name is David Burton and I have been drawing since I was about 5 years old. My art is heavily driven and inspired by music; the harder the better. Yet there are also times when I am moved by the lighter side of music as it helps to temper my work, which creates a balance to my collection. This is probably why some people struggle to define my style. My designs are an even blend of anime, comic, dark, humorous, sexy, cerebral and fantasy, and I encourage everyone to draw something different from them. Everyone sees my work differently and to me, that's what art is all about. Art should be a personal experience and I hope that is what I'm conveying through my designs.

Infernal Threads is for everyone, but most especially for those who walk their own path, go against the grain, and basically want to be their own person.