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We are now taking Pre-Orders for many of our great products because we just cannot keep up with the public demand. Every time we bring in an order, it's gone or the truck gobbles up the rest. 

By Pre-Ordering your order, it will ensure that you receive your product(s) per shipment and for doing so, we would like to offer you a discount. This will help you not only save money (Increasing your bottom line) but also make sure that you get the awesome products you want, every time. 

Our deadline for each pre-order window is the 14th and 28th of each month. At that  point you will be included in the next shipment from our various suppliers. 

If by chance the product is available in our warehouse, we will ship out directly to you. 


Does your shop use the awesome products that we supply?

Odds are you use for some, if not a ton of of the products made by the amazing brands we carry.

Brands Like:

PYTHON - Amazing Tattoo Cartridges and Disposable Cartridge Grips.  

HUSTLE BUTTER - Those of you using this product know, whether it's used for Tattoo Glide or Healing, it's awesome! Many of you are also retailing it in your shop as Aftercare. (You know how to make extra flow for your shop) ... Good on you! 

H2Ocean - New to the Family, and we already can't keep that NOTHING GLIDE in Stock! 

DERMALCare - The #1 Healing Tattoo Bandage in Canada. Thank you so much for making this our #1 Product. It's the Best Way to HEAL your TATTOO !!!

OPUS TATTOO GLOVES - We carry the ONLY Glove designed for Tattoo Artists. If you haven't tattooed with OPUS GLOVES on, you're missing out on a truly comfortable experience.  

..... and so many more.