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Products that are developed for the best possible care of your fresh & healed Tattoo. 

Remember: The simple ideas of the past are outdated, the ideas of just allowing a Tattoo to heal on its own is not only careless, but dangerous. A Tattoo is the equivalent to a trauma to the skin caused by ex. Motorcycle Road Rash, or a 3rd Degree Burn. Neither of these Traumas would be "let to it's own to heal". You need to protect it, Treat it like a wound .... why would you as a consumer risk your investment and why as Artists would you put all that effort into a Tattoo to just walk out the door and "take care of itself". 

Products within this collection are made to help you with the healing process. All have been formulated to Standards far beyond a generic moisturizer. 

Any questions, Simply ask. That's what we're here for.