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Dark Gray - Intenze Japaneze Tattoo Ink


Please Note: Although we would love to keep ALL colours in stock at all times, it is near impossible as we have so many amazing clients across Canada. That being said, if your colours are not in stock at this moment, not to worry. We receive a fresh batch of ink from Intenze on a 1-2 week basis. We will contact you if any of your colours are missing with an ETA of their arrival. We are growing as fast as we can to serve you better. Thank you in advance for your patience. - The Primal Attitude Team. 


Japanese Tattoo Ink - In wash paintings, as in calligraphy, artists usually grind their own ink stick (Japanese: sumi) over an ink stone to obtain ink, but prepared inks are also available. Most ink sticks are made of either pine soot or oil soot combined with animal glue (Japanese: nikawa). An artist puts a few drops of water on an ink stone and grinds the ink stick in a circular motion until a smooth, grey ink of the desired concentration is made. Prepared inks are usually of much lower quality. Sumi themselves are sometimes ornately decorated with landscapes or flowers in bas-relief and some are highlighted with gold.

We used this historical aspects to create the best tattoo pigments to achieve those effects on skin.