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Pre-Order Pricing In Effect. Feb 15th.

Total Weight: 1.5oz (About the average light RCA Cord)

Balanced to Perfection: You'll fine the Linius is balanced, specially with a Pen Machine to be near perfect with nearly ZERO cantilever.   

Our Single Kit of a Linius Power Supply lets you have the piece of mind for not only a back up machine while touring, but for those Artists who are into those REALLY long sessions, (5 Hr Average per unit) you can have the peace of mind that you'll be able to finish your Tattoo without having to recharge at all. It's always great to have a spare so that there is as little downtime as possible. 

In for a lengthy Tattoo session? Switching your LInius is as simple as switching a Cartridge or Cord. With next to zero downtime, no hook ups, no settings to figure out, if it comes time to switch to your twin unit, well; we cannot make it any simpler for you. 

Go Ahead, enjoy your new found freedom. 

Don't forget to thank us though. #LiniusSystems and #PrimalAttitude are the tags. @PrimalAttitude is the IG .... 

....... and Thank you for supporting us, we're making more amazing things for you. 

- Team Primal