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Box of 200 Clip Cord Covers Extra Long 32 inches

SKU TAT-1025

Precision Extra Long Clip Cord Covers - Box of 200 Covers

It's easy to maintain a safe, hygienic work environment while tattooing when you use our high-quality Precision brand clip cord covers. These blue, standard-length clip cord covers come in boxes of 200 individual bags. Each clip cord cover measures 32" long x 2.5" wide. They're open on one end and sealed on the other, so you can pull a clip cord cover out of the box, slip it over your clip cord, poke the ends through the corners of the bag, and get to work. It's that easy!

Our convenient Precision clip cord covers help eliminate cross contamination, they're made of reliable, high-quality material, they come in easy-dispense boxes, and their lightweight packaging will save space in your studio and minimize shipping costs. These clip cord covers are also available in regular size (20 inches).


  • Quantity Per Box: 200 Clip Cord Covers
  • Clip Cord Cover Size: 32" Long x 2.5" Wide
  • Bags Are Open on 1 End & Sealed on the Other
  • Helps Maintain a Safe, Hygienic Work Environment
  • Price Per 1 Box of 200 Clip Cord Covers