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Special Limited Edition PRIMAL X ROOK

Anodized in a one of a kind Black and Red Finish with both Primal and Rook logo etched into the body. This process allows for EACH and EVERY "Primal X Rook" to have a different look. 

The Rook allows you to remove the foot switch for your every day use while Tattooing, relieving you of many hazardous aliments that plague your daily routine. By simply waving over your Rook, you can run your Tattoo Machine with simply using the constant on your power supply.

Tech at it's finest. 

All The While Keeping The "Don't Touch Me" Philosophy, eliminating cross-contamination. 

Beyond Impressive.

The Rook works best for those Tattooers that run mainly 1 Machine per Tattoo. ex. Running a Pen vs needing to run 2 machines. 

But don't worry peeps, we haven't forgot about you double inkslingers... no, no, no. For you, we have something even more impressive. 

Introduce yourself to .... The Raven