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Skin Skribe Medical Pens

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Medical Sterile Pens By Skin Skribe

Skin Skribe Medical Pens - Sterile - 1 Pen

Skin Skribe is the original skin marker, with it’s 30 year reputation for reliability and ease of use. The precision ground tip won't clog and stays needle sharp - yet soft enough to insure customer safety. The dual purpose tip makes it easy to use fine lines or heavy markings as you need. This pen is sterilized and is ready for use right out of its packaging.


  • Quantity: 1 pen
  • Sterilized
  • Dual purpose tip for thin or thick lines
  • Tip won’t clog
  • Manufacturer: HMS


  1. Clean skin area thoroughly with an alcohol prep or swab
  2. Be certain to dry the area completely
  3. Carefully mark the cleaned skin area
  4. Allow skin markings to dry
  5. Prep normally over marked site, markings will remain permanent