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Ink-Eeze Is Back In Stock ...

Ink-Eeze Is Back In Stock ...

BACK IN STOCK....But HOLY CRAP! Not for long..... 

The Infamous Green Glide and Black Label Numbing Spray are back in stock here @PrimalAttitude what an amazing 1-2 combo. 

While you tattoo using Green Glide, you will keep the skins redness and swelling down, giving you the opportunity for a much better tattooing experience. While the skin is swelled, it causes you to work the skin harder than you actually need to. Shredding the skin can occur and that just makes for a terrible heal. We've been proud to rep Ink-Eeze Tattoo Products in Canada now for over 2 years and love the reactions we see from Tattoo Artist like yourself that try Green Glide for the first time and are blown away.

Want a pure Vegan approch to a Glide product? We've got you covered there too with Purple Glide by Ink-Eeze. All the same great qualities you love in Green Glide, 100% Vegan.  

..... try it and see for yourself. 


The days of Tattooing them until they "Tap-Out" are over. Ink-Eeze Tattoo Products and @PrimalAttitude bring you Black Label Numbing Spray. 

Nobody here is saying to not let them "Earn It", afterall; the pain is part of the process. But, what if your down to the wire, all you want to do is just finish that Tattoo. The client is squirming is it's been 4, 5, 6 or more hours and your Masterpiece just needs those final touches. 

You know you want it done, you know you want it perfect; but that client has taken a beating and is about to faint. Do everyone a favor, spray a little love, cover it for 10-15 mins. Have a chat, a smoke or a quick coffee because your about to be able to sit down and actually finish your piece with your client in comfort. 

5% Lidocane will see to that. Get yours, your client will thank you. 


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