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The New Suicide Squad Trailer Is Out! .... Getting More Excited Over Here @PrimalAttitude

Posted by Domenic Amatiello on

Is it just us or is the new Suicide Squad movie heating up to be killer? 

We can't wait to see it, how about you?

Bring on all the Action Pack, Blow Shit Up and Drool craziness that we're waiting for. 

Hell if it was just the Joker and HarleyQuinn I would say "TAKE MY MONEY" (Even though Harley didn't become a member of the Suicide Squad until recent versions) THAT'S OK. ... We'll accept it. 


The Action packed Trailers are awesome and we are biting at the bit to see another, or just bring on the movie. This summer's blockbusters are just getting better and better. 


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