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What In The World Is Happening To Gloves?!?

What In The World Is Happening To Gloves?!?



The Global Demand....

For years we have been dealing with nearly every health board across Canada. As a National Supplier, we have had to keep up with every regions regulations. Since the start of COVID-19, this has not changed, if anything; it's forced us to be even more on-top of regional changes and expectations. 

One of the biggest issues facing our industry has been sourcing the materials we all need to continue working. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including things like Gloves and Masks have been at the center of these difficult searches. 

Of course, we all need Gloves and masks nowadays; products that the general population has never touched, increasing the demand; but what does that demand actually look like? .... We believe in telling you the truth vs sugarcoating it. 

Prior to Covid, global consumption of medical and exam grade gloves were at a pretty steady pace; averaging 3 Billion Boxes per year, used by the industries that normally needs them to practice including Medical and yes; even accounting for our beloved Tattoo Industry.

Fast forward to today. The global consumption of gloves has boomed to 3 Billion Boxes per month. That is an economic explosion of 12x the global capacity to even make gloves.  

On top of this, Medically aware agencies like WHO and others have re-directed production to continents in dire need, trying to get those who have little or no medical care; some form of protection. Continents like Africa and India, where they're trying to head off a global time-bomb. Leaving everyone else to "work with what they can get". 

This and many other factors are driving up the costs of PPE and Gloves to astonishing levels. Depending on how many more "lockdowns" and "waves" we as Canadians see, the prices are expected to only climb even further than todays rates.  

I know, it sounds bleak, but it's the truth.

Some colors like Black are becoming harder and harder to come by; even the Nitrile compound itself to make gloves is becoming unavailable.  

We'll keep trying and continue to fight for the best prices we can get for you. But for now, where ever you can and for the best price you can get, stock up .... because it's going to be a long ride. 

We're here to try and keep you covered!

Stay Well, Stay Safe. 

- Dom & Team Primal 


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