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Are you thinking of opening up your shop to the possibilities of the Retail Market?

Have you already embarked on the road to retail and want to add product lines to your store that will actually bring you ROI(Return on Investment)?

Look no further!

Here at we have taken the guesswork out of which lines and or designs will sell. As we all know, some designs don't move as fast as others which can cripple what's most important to your business; CASH FLOW 

We've assembled amazing retail lines for your tattoo shop to choose from, and brought it all under one roof to simplify the ordering and shipping process.

NO Longer will you have to deal with 'Out of Country' Shipping, Duties and Taxes; they've all been included to make ordering easy.

ALL of our shipments come to you straight from our Northern Toronto warehouse, so you get what's in stock; right away.

It's a one stop shop for everything your Tattoo Shop needs; extra revenue.

Let the Retail pay the bills. Stop letting your hard earned dollars for your Inkslinging talent cover your rent, its yours; you should be the one keeping it!

We have battled the hard fight with the brands to lower the initial investment a shop would normally have to make per line from $2500 down to $500 wholesale. What this means is now you can actually carry more lines vs tying up all of your investment into one line.

In order to qualify for wholesale prices, each line requires the minimum investment for its initial order. From that point on, you can top up the lines that you have in your store(s) as you need it. If there is something we have in stock from a line that you have not made the Initial investment for, we would be happy to sell it to you through our retail outlets.

The first step is filling out the vendor form, simply click here and fill it out. Once its submitted and processed you will have access to every line carried by

Happy Retailing!




PLEASE NOTE: Some Items on the website such as, Retail Sale Promotions and CASES of product, are either already at wholesale pricing or will require adjustment to your final bill. Our system, although almost perfect cannot distinguish selected products to not apply your discount to. If there are any issues, we will contact you to rectify them. 


Ex. If a Retail Sales Promotion is underway (25% off of a shirt), wholesale does NOT receive an additional 40-50% wholesale discount. Wholesale pricing is determined by the MSRP. 

Ex. Cases of product are priced at wholesale pricing already. (After Inked cases). Wholesale pricing is listed because the system would have to double the price to give a wholesale discount. (which makes no sense).

So please bare with us on these few little items.


Thank you.