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19 Color Tattoo Ink Set


IMPORANT: All Artist Color Series are now only available from INTENZE TATTOO INK in 1oz sets. (2oz and 4oz) are no longer made. To keep up with demand all sets are made "FRESH TO ORDER". This process adds approx a week to shipping time, so you may have to wait a few days for your order to arrive. Although some sets may be in stock, this is a way for us to ensure you receive the best in products all the time. Thank you for your patience.

- Your Primal Attitude Team. 


Purchase an Intenze 19 Color Set, 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

+ GET THE eBook on Mixing Tips for the 19 Color Set as well as Color Mixing Secrets from Intenze Artists

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the ink for any reason, you can return it within 30 days of receipt - Keep the eBook at absolutely no cost to you. Just Pay Shipping and Handling Now!

By buying this set and eBook, we'll guarantee you:

-Improve your understanding of mixing tattoo inks

-Improve your ability to work color into the skin

-Improve your understanding on how to approach a cover up

-Improve your color choices and be able to complete any tattoos your clients ask for with this set.

If you've followed the content and used the colors and are unsatisfied for ANY reason at all within 30 days, we'll ask you to send the ink back and we won't charge your credit card for the ink. No questions asked. 100 percent money-back, thirty day guarantee if you can't honestly say you improved your tattoo skills or learned something of value. If you don't experience the results you expect within 30 days of receiving the product, we don't deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full refund, no-questions asked ,on the spot 100 percent refund anytime you decide to send it back. And if you decide you want a refund, there'll be no questions asked ad no hard feelings whatsoever on our part. And you can keep the eBook at no charge at all which contains some killer content from the Intenze Pro Team.


"This ink color set gives you all the basic/ essential/ neccessity colors you need for making tattoos. All these inks are very bright and very vivid. Intenze colors inks will definately exceed your expectations. well if u expect the best then this will meet your expectations." Jonathan, Tattoo Artist

"i do love intenze ink. it is my priority to satisfy the clients and i do it with intenze ink. when i started using this ink for cover up and i was so amazed by the quality i never stopped using it. GOD i would love to win this contest. ( to refill my stock ). i so need it. thanks guys. Québec province loves ya." Rogers, Tattoo Artist

eBook Content:

-Mixing and Reference guide for all 19 Colors


-Color Mixing Tips

-Tips from Mike Demasi

-Tips from Alex DePase

-Tips from Andy Engel

-Tips from Boris