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Kirt Silver's - "She Devil" Part 1 of 3


"The Heart of Influence" Part 1 of 3 (She Devil)


About the Artist: 

Kirt Silver, 36 Years old from Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada and owner of Silver City Tattoos. 

The style of art I am into is realistic. I have been tattooing for ten years now, and I am continually learning on a daily basses to grow my reach as an artist. In my career thus far I have been awarded over thirty times for my work. Also have had the great opportunity to have my work published across the world .

These are a series of prints, limited to 100 per design signed by the artist and numbered. Numbers 1-100 of each print.


Also, "The Heart of Influence"  has been chosen to be printed in Canvas.

The Canvas Limitations are even more strict, as only 3-5 canvases will be produced per Tattoo Convention in Canada. Less then 50 will be produced before it is retired. Stretched, Gallery Wrapped and Ready to Hang.


Once they are gone, they're gone.